helping superheros be amazing...

We equip superhero business owners and managers who are in it for the long term with the tools, knowledge and confidence they need on their journey. Doing what needs to be done now to ease their pains and opening their eyes to the possibilities for the future. Helping them build a unique path to the ROI that matters to them.

Be a Survey Hero

AFLIER LTD  develops tools that allow our clients to collect information from third parties through surveys. Our customers collect the information they need perform complex calculations to evaluate the results and produce a range of reports. We know you have seen online surveys ... but this has superpowers.

A wide range of data types can be collected in a survey that is fully configurable. We include powerful features like sharing sections of question between different questionnaires which automatically share entered information between different surveys completed by the same person.

Once the answers are collected a wide range of calculations can be perform on the information. We have created the tools, your apply your formulas.

What is great equations and collections of information without the ability to product reports that can be used internally or shared with participants online? We have a selection of report types that you can configure to suit your business

This technology has been used in a number of applications ranging from fitness, health, and financial markets platforms to membership portals.

Be a Stock Hero

AFLIER LTD develops tools that allow our clients to manage the stock and assets of their organisation. This ranges from end to end solution or by plugging the gaps missed by solutions already used by the client that need a little extra power.

One thing many companies need to do these days is 'hoover' information from multiple suppliers and somehow get them into their stock control systems. AFLIER LTD develops a number of tool for importing those difficult files and getting the information into either our system or the current system the organisation is using.

Manage the products in your store room. We have created a number of tools we can configure them so that your software works the way you want it rather than by a pre-set way. This enables you to get the software to fit around your business and not forcing your business around the software.

Tools that allow you to get your available products out to the people looking for them. We specialise in allowing distributors share their information with retailers but also can develop EPOS for those selling directly to the public.

This technology has been used in a number of organisations providing specialist end to end solutions to plugging the gaps for those otherwise using OK third party software.