This page gives instruction on how the Employee can see the Visits they need to make, and once complete uploads the appropriate report and identifies new Items to be reordered.

If you have not set up your first meeting then please do so first.

Once the employee (site engineer) has logged onto the system they will be taken to their dashboard. This details their work appointments and is the starting point when arriving at a client location.

Above: Employees dashboard showing their two planned visits to clients.

On arriving at the clients the employee can hit “Start” for the appropriate meeting. This will show a screen detailing the visit information. The employee can click the “Add Schedule Report” button to add the report once the work is completed.

Above: Form for employee to upload a report.

The employee will fill out the name and enter the location of the document to be uploaded. If the client is required to re-stock items then they will click “Yes” for “Items to restock” 

The rest of this page assumes that new items are to be re-ordered!

Left: This panel can been seen once the report has been uploaded. It allows the employee to identify the items they require, choose a retailer and then initiate and email to the chosen retailer.

“Add Item to order” button allows the employee to add items to be ordered. As the employee types suggestions (items previously ordered) will be shown.

Clicking on “Suppler” box will show a form where the employee can choose a supplier.

“Submit order” will send the order to the selected retailer.

Above: The engineer has added the items to be reordered and selected. The “Restock order made” box though tells us we have not actually made the order yet.
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