If you are in the process of starting a new business, Aflier.com are here to help you with some of those tricky tasks. Tasks you may not have the time to focus on or need some expert help.

When Aflier.com create you a website you get access to a wide range of extra functionality that allow you to sell products and services, perform email marketing and run surveys.

Do you need to micro-manage your employees, is your office full of paper? Do you find it hard to leave work on time or feel you can’t go on holiday? Aflier.com can help you map your business processes, help you improve them and where beneficial develop software solution to support your processes and allow you to work more efficiently and scale your business.

Define the roles

To enable your employees to be effective in what they do they need to know what needs to be done and when. This helps remove waste and provide a consistent customer service.

Aflier.com will work with you to map your current business process focussing on the different roles within your business. We identify the different roles within your business.

For smaller businesses an employee may perform more than one role. If you are a sole trader you perform all the roles and probably concentrate on some roles and forget others which can hinder the growth of your business.

Once roles are identified you can schedule them, do them consistently and assign them to employees or have the information you need to higher a new employee.

Process Improvement

Its hard to improve a business which is not repeatable. Once we have defined the roles and responsibility is assigned to individuals we can start looking at the processes for where they can be improved.

A recent example of this is a company which had highly skilled electrician order and chasing deliveries of difficult to source consumables. By moving the ordering and chasing from the five skilled electrician to a Purchaser Role carried out by the Administrator saved in the region of £5,000 per year purely on time spent. Additional saving are surely to be made by a single role knower the best and most cost effective place to order any given consumable.


Once we have defined roles and processes, we can look where automation will make further improvements.

We can free up time, spent by you and your employees, by automating repetitive, simple tasks and allowing them to focus on the activities that make you money.

A recent example is working for a company that had all its client information in paper files. The hourly mad scramble to find a clients file was automated to be a search on a cloud bases application.