Why is software adoption among companies so challenging for employees?

The employees are doing their job, they know what they are and doing. You come along and tell them to use a new piece of software. For your employees this probably means it was introduced:

  • without their consultation
  • solves your problems not theirs
  • at least in the short term makes their job worse
  • does not seem a positive step to them
  • as much effort you may think you have put into the new software it will pale into insignificance to the amount of accumulative effort the employees have to put in to make your choice work

So what should have been done

Consult your employees and make sure that the new software solved the problems they are having. Make sure the software does not stop them from working efficiently. Put up with the moans and worries, not everyone likes change and some might be scared for their jobs etc but if you make the correct software choice they will come around and those really stubborn ones, they might just not be right for you changing business, but that should be very the last option and very rare.

What is our approach

Initially we work with the superhero business owner to find out what opportunities exits. But we should also consider employees on every step of the journey. We should consult those fighting the daily battles of your organisation; listening to their problem and building on the opportunities they see. With the correct approach your whole team will drive improvements.