Keeping in contact
Making contacts
Mailing lists
Email Templates can provide functionality to support your marketing activities. Whether it is making new contacts or building on existing contacts we can help.

Keeping in Contact

As a business you probably already have client emails. can help with the tools and strategy to maximise your email list. Help you with question such as how much email should I sent client, prospective clients which can dramatically effect your effectiveness.

Keep past clients informed about new products and services, offers and promotions. Even wishing your clients happy birthday.

Mailing lists

Our system works at two levels where each contact is tagged with relevant information. For example one contact may be a past client, who use aflierEvent (event management system). When creating a mailing list we choose to send product updates to those that already use the system and general marketing to those that don’t. Focussing emails to those that need it. 

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