BroadNet is a communications company providing wireless communication nationwide across 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi networks. When we started working with BroadNet they already had an established brand, so we went on to integrate that brand into promotional materials.

The Website

Using their established brand as a guideline, we set about creating a website to best represent what BroadNet offers as a service.

Development of the website also included development of a series of illustrations to help explain the service that BroadNet provides. We kept these colourful but simple to assist the text of the site, but also to not drown it out.


The brief for the website also included an eCommerce section to sell the handsets and accessories used to connect to BroadNet’s network.

This includes generating product pages for every item BroadNet has on sale, and keeping these pages updated.

Printed Materials

We also produced a series of business cards for the client, keeping the design minimal and clean.

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