Nanny Wendy is the company name of a professional paediatric sleep consultant based around London. She offers training and in-house support to help babies and children sleep better. We started work with the client from a clean slate – no previous branding or identity.

Working with the client, we developed a logo based upon their selection of colour palette and preferred visual imagery.

Using the themes of the identity we developed with the client, we created a website to inform the viewer as to the operations of the client’s business.

This website was developed in such a way that all the content is available on one page for easy viewing on mobile devices. It ensures ease of navigation for mobile users, and allows the viewer to see all the information they need in one place.

We worked extensively with the client to ensure that the information presented on the site was concise and written with the target audience in mind for maximum engagement with the viewer.

To add a bit of creative flair we also produced a series of small illustrations in keeping with the theme of the company identity. Simple, but playful.

We produced business cards for the client with a blank space on the back at their request for writing down any important details.

To keep the brand consistent across the board, we produced a series of documents and templates that the client uses on a regular basis, incorporating the developed identity. This included invoices, letterheads, forms and promotional posters.

Brand consistency of this type helps raise the expectations of the standard the client can provide in the eyes of the customer.

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