Below is a collection of instructions for the handling of walk-in classes.

Handling a Walk-In

The host logs in using an account which has the privileges of a host. The are taken to the screen which allows them to initiate the booking of a walk-in.

Click the “New walk in” button to start then the fill in the form shown.

Once the client information has been entered pressing the button at the bottom of the form will take you to the screen were you can start filling in the invoice information.

Once on the next screen you will see a button “Add Line item” this button is used to add the information about the products that have been used.

For the “Product name” above start typing the name of the product. If it is already in the system then it will appear and can be selected. However if it is a new product that has not be defined then the following will be seen on the visit details page.

By clicking the “Edit” button in the “Products Needing Prices” will allow the Host to modify the price of that product. Once set the “Line Items” table will be updated to reflect the true price.

Now logging in as with the Customer Relationship Management role. We can see a list of all Walk-In students.

Once logged in as the CRM role you will be able to use the “Marketing” > “Students” link to see a list of all recorded students.

Clicking on the name of the student will take you to the Students page which lists out all their visits.

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