At we specialise of developing cloud based bespoke software solutions to support your businesses processes.

Agile Development

When we develop your system we use agile development. In English that just means we develop the software a chunk at a time.

It is standard release and demonstrate the system with you periodically (days or weeks depending on size of project). Each release is tested and in theory could be used to give quick improvements to your business while the next release is being developed.

Agile Methodologies have the great advance of early release but also it allows you, part way through the development of your system to make continuous improvements to the system. Maybe drop, change and add new features. If the requirements grow then the costs can but also the contrary is also try.

Cloud Based

All systems we develop are based in the Cloud. This means they can be accessed from your office desktop, from home or on the road with your mobile phone.

We use scalable hosting for your cloud based application which means your system will work as well with 1000 user as it does with 1 by assigning additional servers. The number of servers is reflected in the hosting charged however the controls to make a right compromise between cost and responsiveness.

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