Indicating that a member will not be renewing

The following describes how to indicate on a Membership Renewal that a member is not renewing at this time and should receive no more reminders.

The “Member Manager” should click the “Members > Membership Renewals” menu option to see a complete list of outstanding renewals.

When the “Member Manager” knows that the member is not renewing they can indicate this by clicking the “renew” button and choosing the “I don’t wish to renew at this time” option and finally click the “Renew Membership” button.

Above: Shows when either the Member or the Member Manager has indicated that the Member is not renewing.

By clicking on the "Members (current) option we can see when a membership is up for renewal

The accounts that need renewing will have a red label on them with the date the renewal is required. Clicking “Show” button will take you to members information. From that screen click the “Renewal Required” Button to see renewal information and history.

To manually trigger renewal emails to members we select the “Members > Membership Renewals” menu option (as a member manager). This will take us to a screen showing all the current renewals.

The Member Manager can click the “send” button to trigger a renewal email to the member. That email will include a link bringing the member back to the website to renew.

After them member has clicked the link they can fill out the required details and click the “Submit Renewal” button. On the following screen they can pay using Paypal.

The renewal email has been sent, the member has responded and paid. Now comes the time to approve the renewal (based on information given in renewal form).

Left: We can see the renewal has been paid for.

The Member Manager clicks the the “Approve” button, which will approve the membership and extend the members renewal date by 1 year.

Above: We can see the renewal has been paid. The members renewal is now 30 May 2016 following a Member Manager approving the renewal.
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