Once logged in as a booking-manager you will be able to see the information submitted in bookings.

Select the “Events” option from the “Events” menu found at the bottom of the screen. Once there select the “Bookings” button for the event you are interested in finding attendee information for. The screen will now show all the bookings for the particular event (along with failed/abandoned bookings).

Abandoned or failed bookings have a red background and don’t have a green label saying “ordered” or “paid”. Clicking the “Booking details” button may give you the information to contact the booking person to see if they really wished to make a booking.

Clicking on the “Booking details” button will now take you to the details screen where you will be able to see the contact number and email for the person making the booking and also the attendees.

You will also find here question asked to the booker of the events.

Attendee pre-course questionnaire

Attendee post-course questionnaire

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