Particularly when our clients are artists we think about different, and the best, ways of displaying their work. One of the ways is to use slideshows. Sometimes it is better to use a simple design to ensure the focus in on the right content. Depending on what you do you might know a slideshow as a carousel or light box.

The following examples are taken from a website we completed at the end of 2014 and continue to maintain for the client. Her work is amazing and you should check it out. The company founder knows how good she is as a teacher as well as she taught him ceramics in an evening class!

Above: Home page including a slideshow where we clipped the images and applied a background colour to enhance. As we knew we where going to show the complete images throughout the website we used this page for some teasers.
Above: On the gallery pages we laid out the images so that visitors can quickly and easier move down the page to find the images they are interested in. By clicking on an image with a magnifying glass it will be presenting in a slide show with the other images on the page. 
Above: Once you click on an image on the page with a magnifying glass the image is present full screen along with the other zoomed images on the page.
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