Once you have content on a page you will probably want to change the order, particularly if you are adding new or updating content. All new entries are added to the end of the page so sometimes will need moving!

Determining the current order

Above: By hovering over an entry we can see the sequence number is 4.

By hovering of the entry you wish to move you will see the current sequence number of the entry. You will see that all are even numbers. This is to allow you to slot one entry between two others by giving it an odd number.

Using the example to the left, if you gave an entry the sequence number of 3 it will go just before. If you gave it the sequence value of 5 it will be placed after.

Once saved the sequence numbers of recalculated to be all even again so you can continue slotting in entries.

Changing the sequence number

When editing an entry you wish to move you will find a Position and style tab which contains the field Sequence. By editing this field you are able to move an entry about.

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