Along with sending a questionnaire when an attendee has been booked onto an event one or more attachments can be sent as well.

By clicking on the “Event attachments” option you will be taken to a screen that allows you to upload event attachments.
Above is the main “Event attachments” screen. It allows the Booking Manager to add, edit and remove attachments to be associated with individual events.

Clicking the “New Event attachment” button will take you to a screen where you can upload a new document. You will also be asked to give it a name that is used within the email sent to the attendee.

Associating an attachment with an individual event

Once we have added possible attachments to the website. They can then be added to one or more events. For example you may have common health and safety information across all events but have different transport information for individual events. It is helpful to use explicit names for the files to help you identify the correct documents for each event.

By clicking on the “Events” link the booking manager will be taken to the list of events. Clicking “Edit” on an event will be needed before we can add attachments.
Above are options, found when editing an event, which are used to identify attachments to be sent to attendees. In this example we only have one however more than one attachment is possible.

Resulting email sent to attendees

Having uploaded your attachments and associated them to one of more events the follow email will be sent to all attendees to that event.

Left: The is an example of a email sent to attendees of the course with a section for “Pre-course information”. The receiver of the email will be able to click and download the attachments.
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