It is not always the case that the person who is booking an event will be attending the event. The booking system allows you to automatically send an email to attendees asking then to complete a questionnaire that is needed before the event.

This figure show an example email that could be sent to attendees asking them to complete a questionnaire.

Please note that although this example asks for a medical information that any pre-event information could be asked for and is fully configurable.

Questionnaire creation

The creation of the questionnaire is a simple task. You enter the questions stating the format of the answer:
  • Yes/no
  • Text
Using this combination you can ask if someone has a medical condition that could affect their attendance to an event as a yes/no answer then provide a text box for more information.

When entering questions you need to identify that they are for the attendee rather then the person booking the course otherwise questions will be asked during the booking process.

Administration of Questionnaires provide the tools to administer those people booked onto your events. This include payments however here we are concentrating on the attendee questionnaire.

This future shows the two attendees that have been booked on the course, when the medical quesitonnaire was sent and that the information has not been completed (by asking if you would want to send a reminder. 
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