Below are instructions on how to use the time table management functionality of your website. These features will be helpful for dance school, fitness clubs, martial arts groups… anywhere where you have groups of people coming to classes.

Getting started

First you need to access to the particular functionality. If you cannot see or perform any of the activities below please contact

Creating the time table

For your visitors to be able to see your timetable, book classes and make payments the system needs to know when your classes are.

By using the Timetable link you can access the timetable functionality of the website.

The dates of Time table slot will effect how it is displayed to the visitor. It will also allow us to control which courses can be enrolled on (for example, future classes only).

Clicking on the “Timetable” link will lead you to the this table (here with sample data for illustration purposes). Click on “New time table slot” to add a new entry to your timetable. 
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