A client since 2010 which started with the preparation of a website to a design provided to us. Recently (2014) we took the website forward with a new design and made it responsive (like all the websites we produce).

The website includes lots of interesting features that your would expect including slideshows. All these elements need to be managed differently on different devices. Slideshows will often be too small, items need to be stacked and text can often be better summarised.

The new for 2014 home page includes slides giving high level marketing messages and thumbs to lead visitors to the services they require.

The slide show adjusts and is even hidden on certain devices.
As we go deeper in to website we remove the slide show and focus on the text that allows the visitor to see the services they provide and supporting information.
All our websites are responsive and the above is how the website would appear on a mobile phone or small tablet (depending on which way you hold it).

Aflier.com keep up with the latest technologies and use HMTL5 frameworks to ensure the website we product work on the widest range of devices possible.

Our framework of choice is called twitter bootstrap and has been around for over a year now, is open source and because of great community support has matured incredibly quickly.


We make sure the Google is also happy with your website. Helping your search results as well as making your website a pleasure to use.


All websites and portals produced by Aflier.com will be responsive by default, to the device that they are being displayed on.

This is most noticeable when you look at the website on a mobile device.

The width of the website is automatically adjusted so that it is no greater than the device that is being observed.

Adjust the width of the browser you are using and see what happens to this website!

Feature packed

Not only does the framework we use respond to the device you are using to view the website or portal but it also allows us to include drop down menus, progress bar and slide shows.

Which ever features are needed to present your business in good light… we are here to develop that solution.

Flexible grid

All websites and portals developed by Aflier.com use a 12 column grid that allows maximum flexibility to present the information about your business to the visitors in the best way possible.

We don’t restrict you to the standard two column templates many other web design companies do.

Examples of websites on mobile devices

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