When recommending Simon Kiteley, proprietor of www.aflier.com I do so with extreme confidence. I have been around the block when it comes to SEO and web sites, and feel I can recommend him with the experience of my mistakes and successes.

Firstly, I built my website in 1999 in raw HTML. Since then I have spent many tens of thousands of pounds with SEO specialist companies. Our website www.periodantiques.net has been re-built three times from £3-£5k a pop! These SEO companies have used many and various techniques to help promote our SEO. For example, buying/renting Back links, link building, Micro sites, Data Capture, E-shots, Meta tags, Alt tags, writing articles, Social media, advertising with Ad Words, etc.

I have entered into many a yearly contract and been promised the earth. All the above has had a varying degree of success and it would be wrong to say otherwise. However it has cost the earth and never brought about the stability, consistency and customer service that we would have expected. There are no quick fixes, other than those that come back and bite you when Google does an algorithm change! We even ended up taking an SEO company to court!

We approached Simon Kiteley [founder aflier.com] via a word of mouth recommendation, and began working with him tentatively in April 2012.

Simon runs a small web marketing company, and is very much on the ball. Having read his CV he obviously has a passion for computers and programming (sad person!). Simon gives a service that the big guys can’t. Someone who is answerable to you (no bull s**t), and he does not enter into annual contracts. Instead he works on customer satisfaction, following Google’s webmaster’s criteria. If you’re not happy, he’s not happy and he will work until you are happy, “can’t say fairer than that”.

Simon re-built and hosts our current website at a fraction of the cost of the big boys. He has talked us through every stage step by step, and is still teaching us about Google+ and Social Media. Nothing is too much trouble for him. The internet is a continually moving industry and this is where some of the less scrupulous SEO & PR companies lurk, praying on the uninitiated. You need someone who is on the ball and keeps up to-date, and this is Simon. Simon has the correct ethics, sadly in short supply these days. We have slowly, but surely, improved our rankings on Google and we are now getting back a lot of our first page positions in Google. Aflier.com offers great value and service rarely seen these days. Simon is contentious, helpful and ready to offer solutions as and when needed. We are very happy to recommend him and to talk to anyone who has any concerns in relations to any of the above.

I hired Simon to makeover my website. Instead of doing that he took it upon himself to offer me a strategic review of the role of my website in the context of the overall marketing and sales strategy of my company. This proved to be MUCH more valuable to me than had he just taken my money to do a website upgrade. Importantly, the advice he gave me meant that he earned LESS from the project than we had first agreed. Integrity is rare in the world of website development and SEO and I would not hesitate to recommend Simon to anyone that needs someone who will work well beyond the brief to give you BOTH what you NEED as well as what you WANT.

I am implementing his advice presently and will return for further advice in future. A rare breed.

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