To add a new page to our website we need to first create a page and then add entries (the content to be created). To add a new page we:

  1. Use the “Admin Menu” and select “Edit website > Website Pages” to display a current list of pages within the website
  2. By clicking “New Page” to start adding a new page

The menu (left) is used to access the “Website pages” where the editor can add new pages and edit existing ones. When on a page a new option “Edit this page’s details” to access the information for the current page.

Main page settings

There are a number of options on that can be set however the following should be the needed ones:

  • Name in navigation - This is how the page will appear in the navigation bars and drop down menus
  • Show in main navigation, Show in centre navigation and Show in footer navigation - one or more of these needs to be selected of the page to appear in one of the three navigation bars
  • IF a page is to appear on the centre or footer navigation bar then the Parent needs to be set to either your home page (always appear) OR the main navigation page (and children) it is to be shown on.

Now we have created a page we can add content to it. This is by adding one or more entries to a page.

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